New Site Dedicated to Citizen Science Games

Check out Claire Baert’s cool web site dedicated to citizen science games! A description of citizen science from her site follows:

What is Citizen Science?

Citizen science is where volunteers, in collaboration with scientists, get involved in science. This can be collecting and analyzing data, interpreting results, classifying and transcribing information, conducting experiments or by playing citizen science games.

Citizen scientists can help experts who are overwhelmed by big data and new technology to gather even more data, solve complex problems and make discoveries using new technologies! At the same time, the participants have fun, learn about science, develop skills, and gain a greater understanding of the scientific process.

Whether you are passionate about birds, the environment, quantum physics or bio-hacking, you can always find a citizen science project that matches your interests. Citizen Science Games is dedicated to feature… well, citizen science games! is both a news website and a rich collection of citizen science games, articles from scientific magazines and publications from scientific journals.

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